Joseph Sapp

Our Last Service Provider Prescribed but Never Delivered

Since signing on for managed IT services from PICS ITech in 2016 we realized that our last service provider always prescribed but never really delivered. PICS ITech has continually shown the way and delivered each step of the way.

Now when considering a project there is never a question if we can get it done. With PICS ITech we know we can

COO, Talley Management Group

Warren Plank

Not Just Another Vendor - A Best in Class Partner

PICS have lived through the growing pains of our expansions and have provided scalable answers to our IT needs. PICS ITech is certainly “Best in Class”, allowing me to concentrate on items that bring success to our business while knowing I don’t need to worry about the behind-the-scenes infrastructure needed to support this growth.

As a service provider too, we know what it’s like to have a true partner. You know as business owners, our businesses never really close. PICS ITech is there for us 24 hours a day, all year long – even on holidays! Their fees are affordable and fair and are clearly presented from day one, never with any unplanned surprises.

Director, A. Fassano & Company

Chuck Hilpl

Like an extension to my company, PICS ITech doesn’t disappoint!

We work hand in hand with clients across the country to meet and exceed their goals, working with PICS ITech it feels like a natural extension of our company, it feels hand in hand.

When I founded my company five years ago I needed an IT firm with a strong reputation and deep bench of knowledgeable staff that could give me sound advice on setting up my systems. After reaching out to my industry colleagues and asking for IT company recommendations, it was apparent that PICS ITech was the go-to company. PICS ITech has proven themselves to us over and over the past five years. We recommend them all the time.

Founder & Co-Principal at The Hilpl Group, LLC

My company has been interviewing IT companies for several years and we just made the switch to PICS. Their business model works so much more efficient than our previous vendor. Ideas and most important solutions are spot on, creative and reasonable. Support staff and their tools make my day so much easier and my staff so much more productive.


“Over the many years I have worked with PICS on many projects you have always worked with a sense professionalism, old school work ethic, and a sense of urgency to accomplish every project mission. You have earned the reputation for delivering value to your customers and partners like Eagle.”

Eagle Consulting and Development

You are making me look smart……I made a great decision. I just recommended you guys to another museum here in the City. At this point in my career & life; I frankly -professionally and/or personally - never recommend anyone unless I am sure about it...


Bill Soule

Because Schefenacker can now use its system to anticipate customer needs, it saves time and money, and customer ratings have skyrocketed. Our delivery ratings have improved by more than 30 percent.

IT Director
Schefenacker Vision Systems

PICS ITech has been instrumental in streamlining all aspects of our technical services. We are able to operate smoothly and efficiently because of the great service and support that we receive from PICS. They are quick to respond and fix any and all problems that may occur. Each member of the PICS ITech team is committed to solving all of your IT issues. Thank you PICS -- We couldn't do it without you!


Enterprise Level IT Professionals! As the IT director of a 130 User manufacturing company, I was looking for an IT partner that was experienced with customers our size and understood the demands we had. PICS ITech has exceeded my expectations and provided us with great IT service and support. We first implemented the PICS ITech S.A.V.E.S Business Continuity appliance (www.ITechSaves.com) and then soon after hired them to set up and configure Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2008 Active Directory. PICS ITech has proven to be a great IT partner for us and will be for years to come. I would highly recommend PICS ITech to any business large or small.

IT Director

Love these guys! Very professional from the start! We came just came off an IT Nightmare (left with no IT Support and tons of issues), Brian & all the guys from PICS stepped up and did an excellent job. Being in a service business myself, I understand the importance of a good quality company that truly “Stands behind their service”. They resolved our issues quickly and effectively. For the first time in over 2 years, we can actually start to plan out future IT Services for our company without worrying about nagging daily issues. Thanks so much!

General Manager

Gail Mazzella

Competition drives down price. To maintain lower price points, companies must cut costs. And the only way organizations can cut costs without compromising quality and integrity is through technology.

IT Director
LNK International

“The relationship with PICS ITech has made us more innovative. It has given us the confidence to expand our ideas for how we want to run our business and serve our customers. And it has given us the ability to engage with our customers in a whole new way, as an adviser, which engenders their trust and improves the relationship.”“The relationship with PICS ITech has made us more innovative. It has given us the confidence to expand our ideas for how we want to run our business and serve our customers. And it has given us the ability to engage with our customers in a whole new way, as an adviser, which engenders their trust and improves the relationship.”

Associate Director, Association Management Services Division

Quick response and worked with Gareth today and on several other occasions, great guy!  Worked with many other companies over the past twenty plus years at my last job. Well above any other company I have worked with. Keep up the good work:)

The Mount Group

Mike Iles

The ITech Service has been a great asset to Active Environmental. Working with the ITech team has greatly enhanced our ability to respond to our customers. We have implemented a secure mobile computing environment as well as greatly improved the stability of our network.

President Active Environmental Technologies, Inc.

…new client of PICS ITech - they jumped in on the reorganization of the company, coping effectively with a facility move, phone and utility service transfers, relocation of the server room, and restart multiple factory management systems, without the support of the prior in-house IT group. They mobilized a small army and got us moved, up and running, despite everything with a minimum of drama over a weekend.


Time and again for over 10 years PICS/iTech has been the backbone of making possible what it is we do. Without the service that keeps us up-and-running, the fore-thought in planning the resources for our future stability, and the (not-so) occasional “panic attacks” that we put you through; our people and our systems would be in big trouble. Every member of your team deserves our gratitude and appreciation.

Thank You for always being there! PICS ITech remains a valued member of our team.

Director Sales and Marketing