Work From Home Resources

The way teams work is continuously changing. You’re now given the overwhelming task of keeping your business moving forward while adapting to a new and expanding remote work environment.

To support your organization, PICS ITech is now offering ActivTrak. This cost-effective service allows teams to stay aligned and productive, while ensuring data compliance and security — from anywhere.


Ensure Employee Productivity and Promote Leadership

The remote workforce has brought heightened focus on the need to monitor output and ensure productivity across teams and employees.

With this new service, we help you:

  • Manage employees, and assign “Productive” and “Unproductive” labels to logged activities.
  • Track employee behavior, analyze patterns and identify barriers, and use the insights to coach remote employees.
  • Leverage a reporting agent that continuously runs in the background and see exactly how employees are spending their time.

Monitor for Cybersecurity and Data Compliance Risks

The high volume of remote workers has increased the risk of security beyond what many organizations can effectively handle.

Our cloud-based User Activity Monitoring service helps you:

  • Secure sensitive data from being shared using screenshot redaction
  • Flag screen content that introduces data compliance vulnerabilities
  • Prevent access to distracting websites and terminate unapproved applications
  • Review screenshots and video recordings for instances of data compliance issues
  • Receive notifications when an employee deviates from standard operating procedures

ActivTrak allows you to focus on what really matters in your business and cause a significant difference in the productivity and the accountability of your team. If you’re interested in ActivTak but unsure if you want to commit, contact PICS ITech and we will give you a 14-day free trial.