How we can help you

How one simple solution can change the way you do business?

Whether you deploy iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, webOS, or a combination of these platforms, providing an optimal user experience is difficult. This is especially true at a time when budgets are tight, staffing levels are flat and user uptime is critical. We can help you do all this and more:

  1. Planned Integration: Being proactive (not reactive) in your approach to mobile technology ensures that your users can have the best experience possible while minimizing the security concerns within your organization. We will work with you to make sure that your mobile devices are put to full use within your business.
  2. Security: Implementing password policies, remote wiping, and other methods of security on the mobile devices within your company helps to minimize the risks associated with lost or stolen devices and ensures a high level of compliance in regulated industries. We can work on solutions for these problems whether or not you are deploying mobile devices that you provide or if your employees are bringing their own devices – ie: BYOD
  3. Mobile Device Management (MDM): Regardless of whether the mobile devices within your organization are company provided or B.Y.O.D (bring your own device) if they carry company data having a level of control over these devices is a must. Utilizing MDM tools allows us to remotely handle much of the configuration of these devices and provide a better experience for your users needing support. Standard configurations can be deployed and we can work with you to minimize any security or policy issues you want to implement like limiting access to App Stores or restricting the use of the devices camera.
  4. Maximization & Training: In addition to training your users to better use these devices, we work with business owners to find tools that cater to your industry specific needs enhancing efficiency and workflow for your increasingly mobile workforce. Our engineers are up to speed on many the latest line of business software and how mobile devices can help your workforce maximize their productivity.

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We provide a range of Computer Support, Network Services and IT Consulting in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Mt Holly, Mt Laurel, Cherry Hill, Camden, Delaware Valley, Atlantic, Cumberland, Cape May, Ocean, Monmouth, Bucks, Marlton, Salem, Wilmington, Center, Mainline and Chester.

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