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Several years ago, the technology available to support mobile workers beyond the office was very limited. Today, not only is the technology readily accessible but many organizations have embraced the mobile initiative. In fact, 89 of the top 100 companies in the US offer telecommuting.

A recent article on Better Business Bureau’s Consumer News and Opinion’s blog noted that of smartphone users surveyed, 22-percent reported losing their phone at least once, and 70% of users admit to not having a password set on their phone.

PICS ITech believes that mobile technology is an increasingly important tool for our clients. Our staff includes certified technicians with the Mobility Technical Competency of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) program Our technicians are experts in mobile integration, management and security.

Traditionally, the term telework brought to mind the image of working from home. Today’s innovations have allowed so much more freedom in the way employees are able to work. Technology has made it possible for them to work from nearly any location just as effectively as they could from the office. And with wireless technology, employees can be mobile when they are in the office as well.

Mobile Workforce Solutions from PICS ITech offer your business all this and more:

  • Better quality of life - your employees will be happier with the ability to work according to their personal strengths, preferences and style
  • Greater productivity - eliminate commute times and reduce employee absenteeism
  • Reduced carbon footprint - less commuting means less fuel consumption and less pollution
  • A better bottom line - reduce the cost of office equipment, energy consumption, real estate and infrastructure
  • Flexibility - your list of potential employees is no longer limited by geography

Smartphones and tablets like Apples iPhones and, iPads and the various Android based devices are a growing part of every company’s infrastructure. Increasingly these devices are not so much phones and gadgets, as they are small computers, filled with important company information some of which, if not properly managed could put the integrity of your organization at risk.

Mobile Workforce Solutions are beneficial to a growing number of industries, including insurance, pharmaceutical, financial, professional, retail, medical and delivery. Find out how one simple solution can change the way you do business.

The benefits of a mobile workforce significantly improve profit and employee morale, and positively impact all aspects of our lives from personal and professional to environmental.

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