Computer Data Security and Network Security for businesses in the Delaware Valley including Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

Do you often worry about what would happen if your business were attacked by security threats such as hackers, malware, or spyware? What about internal threats and accidents like misplaced laptops and USB drives?

With Computer Data Security solutions to defend you from what's out there, protecting your company is a cinch. Our total solutions for Wireless Network Security and Virus Removal mean defending your business from online threats in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey is more affordable than you ever thought possible.

The strategic security framework from PICS ITech includes:

  • Threat Tracking - a safeguard against hackers, predators, and other online threats
  • Vulnerability Assessment - our consultants uncover vulnerabilities within your network and suggest strategies to resolve them
  • Anti-Virus Services - guard against malware and spyware
  • Secure User Entry Tools - including passwords, virtual private networks, and encryption

Security has never been simpler or more affordable, with budget-friendly solutions that cover all your bases.

PICS ITech designs security solutions that are customized to meet the unique challenges and budgetary requirements your business faces. Serving Philadelphia, New Jersey, Mt Holly, Mt Laurel, Cherry Hill and Camden, we offer a predictable flat rate for Wireless Network Security solutions which makes it easy on you and your budget.

If your business requires virus protection, wireless network security, computer data security, spyware prevention, internet security, web & email security, security management services, or security consulting, you can depend on us.

Completely safeguarding your data and computer systems is the only safe answer. Insure your company's data and systems with Virus Removal, Spam Prevention, and Computer Data Security solutions that are easy on your budget.

Areas Covered

We provide a range of Computer Support, Network Services and IT Consulting in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Mt Holly, Mt Laurel, Cherry Hill, Camden, Delaware Valley, Atlantic, Cumberland, Cape May, Ocean, Monmouth, Bucks, Marlton, Salem, Wilmington, Center, Mainline and Chester.

Local experts who can visit on-site: Philadelphia Computer Support, New Jersey Network Services, New Your Backup and Data Recovery, Philadelphia IT Consulting, Camden Cloud Computing, Philadelphia Virturalization, New Jersey Email and Spam Protection, New Your Hosted Software.