Cloud Storage and Sync your data securely with ITech Sync


Sharing, collaborating and restoring lost files from the cloud is made easy with ITech Sync

: It's the perfect solution for SME's

ITech Sync allows businesses to collaborate, share and sync a range of data across multiple platforms while enjoying enhanced security. And thanks to ITech Sync's intuitive central dashboard, this also means that administrators can set company-specific usable policies and maintain ownership and visibility. Among the other advantages of ITech Sync are:

File access from anywhere - locate, access and update spreadsheets, files, pics and presentations on tablets, smartphones and desktops, whenever you want and wherever you are.

Unmatched security - no need to worry about your data thanks to military grade, 448-Bit Blowfish encryption which protects all your files and information at rest and in the cloud. Two factor authentication ensures extra security.

Business level collaboration - ITech Sync's team shares make it simple to collaborate on files, whatever device team members are using to access the system. All team members also get instant updates.

Easy file sharing - files can be shared with anyone at the click of a mouse. Add expiration dates, track any downloads and include internal messages. It's great for large email attachments.

No support problems - ITech Managed Services or your IT department oversees all running accounts from one central dashboard. No dealing with 3rd party vendors.

Remote wiping - to protect your data any remote user's end points can be wiped with two clicks of the mouse. And you can also wipe the data of any lost or stolen devices.

Cloud enabled server - with ITech Sync you can access your file server from anywhere outside your office and any changes you make to the server will be synced to the cloud and vice versa.

If you think that powerful file sync, collaboration and backup all managed via one dashboard could help you and your customers, contact PICS ITech to find out more.

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