Cloud Service
Protection For
Microsoft Office 365
and Google G-Suite


Have the events of 2020 caused your business to rely heavily on collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-Suite? If you’re like the thousands of businesses who are relying on these tools and moving some or all of their business to the cloud, then you need a backup solution that works where your critical data resides.

Microsoft and Google both provide excellent data centers with all kinds of redundancy, but they don’t protect you from yourself or your employees. Every day files are deleted, or corrupted, either accidently or by a rogue employee or hacker. The only way you can protect against this is with a cloud service backup solution specifically made for Office 365 or Google G-Suite.

PICS ITech is now offering Cloud Service backup Protection…or what we like to call the “seamless protection package”.

You’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing your most critical data is backed up 3x a day, every day.

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With Microsoft 365 SaaS Protection
you can Recover:

  • OneDrive: All Files (including OneNote) and folders with file structure intact.
  • Contacts: All contact information
  • Calendar: Events (including recurrence, attendees, notes) attachments and any calendars owned by users.
  • Mail: All email, attachments, notes, and folder structure.
  • Microsoft Teams: Files, conversations, and calendar meetings in Microsoft Teams public channels
  • All your SharePoint data including:
    • Primary, custom, group and team site collections
    • Custom generic site lists
    • Folder structure
    • Document libraries and sets
    • Site assets, templates, and pages

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With Google G-Suite SaaS Protection
you can Recover:

  • Gmail: mail, attachments, labels,
  • Contacts: All contact information
  • Calendar: All emails, attachments, notes
  • Personal Drive and Team Drives:
    • All files in Drive
    • Sharing permissions
    • Original file formats

PICS ITech knows the importance of keeping your business data safe. Unexpected data loss can happen to anyone, whether you’re new to collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google G-Suite or have been using the platforms for years. Contact us today and see how easy it is to protect Microsoft 365 and G-Suite with Cloud Service Backup Protection