Don’t upgrade to IOS 11 just yet

You can't send or reply from, Office 365, or Exchange 2016 in iOS 11

You can't send or reply from, Office 365, or Exchange 2016 in iOS 11 Mail app

Apple says it is working closely with Microsoft to fix an issue that prevents Outlook.

Drones for Business

Drones in Business
This week in technology we have some news that could be big for businesses of all types.

An independent panel of experts proposed new commercial drone rules to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this week. If the FAA approves the rules, it means that businesses will have official guidelines for how to safely start using drones for commercial purposes.

Whah, Whah, Whah – You’re Killing Me!

I hear it every day, excuses why small businesses deal with sub-standard IT services and out of date technology.   What makes it ironic is this is a hole in the bucket where profits are leaking out of their companies.    “It’s too expensive to update our website”,  “What’s the big deal if my anti-virus is out of date”, “I don’t need a firewall, my cable company provides one with the service”,  “Do I really need to continue maintenance on my router, what for?” and on and on.

5 Online Marketing Tactics To Start Doing NOW!

Online Marketing
When it comes to creating online marketing for your business, there are plenty of tools to choose from but these 5 online marketing things you really should be using. . As you attempt to discern the marketing tools you should be using, start by determining your marketing goals.