Grow your business with new Office 365 apps

Microsoft is always adding new exciting newfeatures for their Office 365 Products.   In an effort to improve support for small- and medium-sized businesses, they introduced a series of new apps and enhancements for Office 365 during the Inspire conference in July.

7 Best Practices for Preventing Data Loss in Office 365


Office 365 is a robust cloud solution that allows your team to store almost unlimited files and collaborate on them, too. In addition to its productivity features, Office 365 comes with some really good security and data compliance solutions that will help your business avoid the a possible crushing financial and legal issues of data loss.

7 Tips to Make Changing your Email Address Less Painful

After 25 years we are shutting down our email services under the domain.  We have had many customers that were with us for a long time and making this change was almost a life changing experience for them.    We put together some tips that would help them make the transition easier and make sure changing your email address is not a painful process.

Top 4 reasons your company should migrate to Office 365?

If your office hasn't migrated to Office 365, we've come up with this list of the top 4 reasons your company should migrate to Office 365

Cloud availability

Office365, which you can think of as Office (Word, Excel, etc) plus email and communications (Exchange, Skype and Voice) and storage (OneDrive), are available to access via the Microsoft cloud.

How to Make a Smooth Transition to Office 365


Office 365 is the cloud version of Microsoft’s popular office software platform. With cloud computing software increasing in popularity, Office 365 offers several advantages. Office 365’s flexibility and ease of access make it a popular choice for many businesses.