How To Quickly Shift To A Work-From-Home Business To Maximize Productivity In Today’s Coronavirus Shutdown

As a business owner today, we are now facing unprecedented challenges to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic. We are being asked to self-isolate and practice social distancing to “flatten the curve” of the pandemic.   You are asked to have your employees work from home to reduce possible exposure and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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ITech Insights – Window Tabs

Window Tabs

Multi-Tasking is something we're all doing more and more of and having the right tool to do this affectively is more important than ever. In this weeks ITech Insights we're sharing one of our favorite ways to get more done, more efficiently.

Problem Steps Recorder PSR.EXE

Lately in the news we have heard a lot about Eyewitnesses and how often they are inaccurate. Eyewitness misidentification plays a role in nearly 75% of the convictions overturned through DNA testing. In supporting our clients we often find that our “eyewitnesses” can sometimes get it wrong too. In this weeks ITech Insights we are going to look at a little known tool that was introduced in windows 7 called the “Problem Steps Recorder” or PSR

What That Windows Key Actually Does

From the time that we were kids it was drilled into us “if you don’t know what a button does, don’t push it”. The standard computer keyboard has 104 buttons, several of which we never touch because… well.. we don’t know what they do. In this weeks ITech Insights I’m telling you about one of these rarely used buttons and letting you in on just what you’re missing by not giving it a tap.

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Creating a Secure Password

itech Insights Creating a Secure PasswordPw0rdby picsitechcom117 views; Wordpress Security | Passwords and Creating Better Passwords 401. Watch Later Wordpress Security | Passwords and Creating Better Passwordsby Robert Vance22043 views; ccrypt Secure Password Management From The Linux Command Line 424. Watch Later ccrypt Secure Password Management From The Linux Command Lineby linuxbyexample4859 views; Keeper® Password & Data Vault Overview 121. Watch Later …