6 Benefits of Managed IT Services

According to statistics published by the US Chamber of Commerce, 75% of small businesses used technology in some form to stay afloat during 2020. Now, with remote work fast becoming the norm, IT is more important than ever before if you want your business to thrive in modern times.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Backup for Businesses?

Some estimates say that around 7.5 septillion gigabytes of data are generated every single day. That's 7,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 gigabytes. As a business, you will generate a lot of data, and you need somewhere to store it. There are two main options; store it locally within your business, or use cloud backup services to keep your data safely in the cloud.

Culture of Honesty

Unsure if your team is hiding security breaches? You may not be aware, but it’s way too easy to be tricked by an online scam these days. For example, what would happen if a member of your company realized they had accidentally clicked on bad link and revealed confidential information about you or your company?

Your new video explores how your company culture impacts data security in this era where technology can create more problems than we realize.

Worldwide Microchip Shortage and Why You Should Order Early

The worldwide shortage of microchips is causing a major slowdown in the production of computers and other electronics.

The demand for microchips has surged due to high-end smartphone and tablet sales, and work from home while supply has decreased because of an industry wide manufacturing problem with wafers, the global pandemic and fires and flood in overseas manufacturing plants.