How Hourly IT Services are Eating your Profits


Have you started to wonder if your hourly IT contractor is fixing your IT problems to the best of his abilities or just band-aiding things to limp you along? Does he seem to be showing up to your work more often, repairing the same issue over and over? We call this model the Break/Fix model.

The New Managed Service Provider – MSP v2.0



MSPs, or Managed Service Providers, have long been a way to help businesses to shore up weak spots, especially in IT infrastructure. They also provide expertise such as vendor and proposal management or other specific services that companies need, but outsource in order to drop and stabilize their costs.

Good Documentation and why it’s so important?



There is an old saying in business,  “If it isn't written down, it didn't happen.”

That really is a very good lesson in the importance of good documentation. The legal system is based on evidence, auditors pour over real numbers to assess the financial state of businesses, and detectives assess the innocence of transactions by finding gaps in the written record.

Your Employees are out to get you!

My wife hates it when I say the word “stupid”, she prefers me to say "silly" instead.  But sometimes I think it is the most appropriate word, like this morning when one of my employees was reporting an issue with his password and yelled it across the room.

Ever wonder if it’s really worth it after the s**t hits the fan?


I hear it every day, excuses why small businesses deal with sub-standard IT services and out of date technology.   What makes it ironic is this is a hole in the bucket where profits are leaking out of their companies.    “It’s too expensive to update our website”,  “What’s the big deal if my anti-virus is out of date”, “I don’t need a firewall, my cable company provides one with the service”,  “Do I really need to continue maintenance on my router, what for?” and on and on.