5 Things I learned from Seth Godin

5 Things I learned from Seth Godin

Last week I was at a Digital Marketing Summit in Philadelphia and the keynote speaker for the event was Seth Godin.  I was excited to hear him speak because I had been a fan of his for quite some time.

Grow your business with new Office 365 apps

Microsoft is always adding new exciting newfeatures for their Office 365 Products.   In an effort to improve support for small- and medium-sized businesses, they introduced a series of new apps and enhancements for Office 365 during the Inspire conference in July.

How Virtualization Benefits Your Business


Simply put, with virtualization you get more bang for the buck.  Here are some of the benefits your business will obtain by implementing virtualization.

More technology uptime

Virtualization vendors, we like VMWare,  use lots of fancy names for the features of their technology, but behind all the acronyms are a number of really revolutionary breakthroughs.

What you Need to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud?

Cloud computing has been a hot topic in business for the last decade. However, early misconceptions surrounding its lack of security combined with fantastic tales of its benefits have left many company executives bewildered, asking “what is the cloud?” However, understanding the advantages of today's virtual options can significantly benefit your organization.