Why is Spam Protection Important for Your Business?

Why is Spam Protection Important for Your Business?

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Owning a business is the American Dream, But like any dream, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. More than half of all businesses fail before their fifth anniversary; so, the odds are against you.

And if that's not scary enough, with COVID-19, most work positions have transitioned to work-from-home. That shift to unsupervised work has fostered new risks. There has been an increase of 273% in cybercrime.

As a business owner, it's your responsibility to protect your firm from outside threats. Spam email monitoring can reduce the threat of outside intrusion onto your network. Here's why spam protection is so pertinent.

Protect Your Company from Intrusion

It's no secret that there are some bad people on the Internet. Criminals are looking to steal from you and your company in any corner of the world — the web is no different.

If your company has gotten big enough to garner any outside attention, there are probably already plans to infiltrate your company network.

Within the network, cyber-criminals have access to untold amounts of information. They can gain access to financial records, shipments of goods, and other concerning information that should be kept private.

Most intrusions have one goal: to steal. They've gone through the trouble of getting into your secure servers to mine for information that'll prove financially significant for their theft.

One of the main tunnels they dig into your security is through social engineering. Social engineering is a psychological tactic that criminals use against the uninitiated or naive. This usually involves trickery or some other form of manipulation to use an employee's access to the network as their own.

Before email, this was done with physical devices, like floppy disks. Now, it's as easy as spoofing an email address.

Catching and preventing these malicious emails should be your first line of defense. Removing the risk entirely is the best option, and you can only do that with a spam blocker.

Next, you should train your employees on what's safe and unsafe to click on. Suspicious links and emails should obviously be deleted and reported.

With most of your desk workers at home during the pandemic, this is now more important than ever. With no supervision, the untrained are a huge security risk.

Spam Protection Increases Productivity

Productivity and financial success go hand-in-hand. There's a strong correlation between how efficiently your employees work and the business' success. After all, it's the workers that run the company.

Some spam emails aren't as malicious as you've been lead to believe. Although it's good to treat them all as such, a majority of them are harmless. When in doubt, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

When they're not emails sent by criminals, they're usually sent by companies or distracting websites.

If there's one thing you've probably noticed while a business owner is that people can be easily distracted. Their attentions are fleeting, and when they're not focused on the job at hand, work isn't accomplished.

You should remove the temptation altogether with spam protection.

They'll no longer go astray and check out the upcoming sales on Amazon when they should be doing their expense reports. This isn't to say that they'll navigate to less productive sites on their own (your IT department, however, can block these). But removing the tempting emails entirely is your best proactive option.

If they can't hear the siren call, they won't be allured by it.

Keep Public Relations High and Positive

When your business gets big enough, it's always at risk of fault in the public eye. You constantly have to keep the press at bay. Public relations are what connect you and your clients; if they have a negative opinion of you, you may as well shut your doors.

If the news has reported a breach in your security, it'll tarnish your business' reputation.

Trust and security is something consumers rely on when shopping. Knowing that their private information — and more importantly, their wallet — is safe with you is important. Betraying a customer's trust is losing them for good.

There has been a mass of information leaks recently. Private data that customers have trusted with companies that they shouldn't have. And these businesses get smeared on the news outlets, with good reason.

Protect against dangerous spam emails is good for your financials, but it's best for PR.

Avoid HR Nightmares

Perchance your company has opted to stay in the office. Or, your team has forecasted that the virus is no longer an impending threat to your workers. Whatever the case, spam emails can lead to some embarrassing HR situations.

Some people send spam to ruin a business publicly or to steal credit card information. Others get a kick out of humiliating people or putting them in perverse situations.

Spam links and emails contain unknown information. You don't know what's inside them or where they'll take you. If it's to an inappropriate site, people may be offended.

Avoid these embarrassing transactions with spam protection. If they don't receive the email in the first place, nobody will have the chance to get offended.

Protect Your Business from Spam

Owning a business is hard enough. With the upswing in cybercrime, it's gotten even harder. Spam protection is a must to save your company from seriously bad situations.

Until employees are infallible robots, they're going to click spam emails. This can lead to network intrusion, productivity loss, and PR and HR nightmares.

If you're a business owner, and you're looking to protect yourself from spam, give us a call.