Outsourced IT Support: What to Look for in an IT Support Provider

Outsourced IT Support: What to Look for in an IT Support Provider

If you are the owner of a small but rapidly growing business, then your IT operations are likely handled by the most technologically apt person on your team. However, you might find yourself falling behind on more critical organizational goals required to run your business without a dedicated IT support team.

You don't want to find yourself in that position.

Your team doesn't have the time to deal with technical problems getting in the way of day to day operations - with the potential to cause severe delays in your business productivity. With the help of a dedicated IT support company offering managed IT services, you can put the worries of technology behind you and focus on what you do best - managing your business.

Why Should Your Company Outsource IT Support?

Outsourcing in the world of IT means that you are finding a dedicated, off-site team to manage IT tasks that arise during your growing business's daily operations. A reliable IT support technician can help your company secure its IT infrastructure while offering continued support and recommendations for a more secure, future-proof IT framework.

If you don't have proven IT experience and education on your team, and your "IT guy" is also head of your marketing department, then it's time to find the help you need.

What To Look for in an IT Support Company

Look ahead for a list of 6 fundamental parts to a great IT company. Feel confident that if the IT support company you are looking at fills the criteria below - then you have found a great, long-term IT support company to work with.

1. Proven Experience, Certifications, and Training

Your IT support company should be experienced in the systems they're supporting. You don't want to hire IT professionals that are just starting out learning the IT systems your company has in place. They should be certified to handle the IT systems that you require help with.

Almost all technology vendors from Cisco to Microsoft and beyond will offer industry-standard certifications and certification programs for IT professionals.

Another helpful question to ask your next IT support company is whether or not they provide ongoing training and cross-platform training for their employees. Having a well educated IT support team will ensure that someone is always standing by to help you with your business-specific IT needs.

2. Expertise in Data Security

With 4.1 billion digital records exposed in the first six months of 2019, it's no wonder that data security is no longer an optional IT support credential.

However, you need to look for an IT company that can help create a data security plan to fit your company's needs and IT security budget, mainly if you are operating within a regulated industry. If a severe data breach occurs within your company, it can cost your business considerably.

As cybersecurity threats continually evolve, a dedicated IT support team must frequently update their IT professionals with relevant training to keep your business protected. The best training in the world is not always guaranteed to provide 100% protection, however.

3. Fast, Clear, and Accurate Response Times

Any contract that you enter with an IT support company should clearly state their average ticket response times, known as SLA's or service level agreements. Your business can't be left hanging, wondering when a response will be provided for any level of IT help needed at any given time.

However, some issues will take longer to manage and fix, especially if it involves a third-party vendor such as a software provider or internet service provider (ISP). As long as your IT support team is clear and transparent with their communications with you, then there should be little you have to worry about. You want your IT support team to fix the problem to avoid repeat tickets in your system.

4. Length of Contracts Offered

You will want to look for an IT support company that offers you contract flexibility. Being locked into a contract for 1 to 3 years with a company with limited experience can be great for the IT service company, but not necessarily for your business. When you start experiencing real problems with your IT service provider, you want to terminate the contract and find a better managed IT support company right away.

Some of the best IT support companies around will offer you a month to month contract with some out clause written into the contract. They may still provide long-term contracts, but most reputable managed IT service providers are confident that you'll return next month!

5. Professional and Proactive Management

As a business owner who may have worked with outsourcing IT operations in the past, you likely understand the service ticket system most IT support professionals work with. You submit a service ticket, and it's assigned to a dedicated IT professional who will contact you with further guidance and instruction.

This system is still in use today, and you want to be working with an IT company that can help reduce the number of tickets your business sends in the first place. This can be achieved at an elementary level by monitoring outages in your network. However, a truly dedicated IT team will look beyond outages to understand the type of IT infrastructure your industry requires. Not only do the best IT support teams understand your industry, but they will also meet with you regularly to discuss your ongoing business goals and technology needs.

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