PICS ITech’s Senior Information Technology Management Consultant, Robert Mohr, Chosen Amongst Top 1% of IT Experts to Speak at Digital Maturity Summit 2020

PICS ITech’s Senior Information Technology Management Consultant, Robert Mohr, Chosen Amongst Top 1% of IT Experts to Speak at Digital Maturity Summit 2020

October 12, 2020: PICS ITech’s Senior Information Technology Management Consultant Robert Mohr, has been chosen amongst the top 1% of the world’s Digital Transformation experts to speak at the 2020 Digital Maturity Summit.

Fifteen of the most elite technology experts from around the globe will gather together for the Digital Maturity Summit 2020, a two-day virtual event that will be held on November 18th and 19th. The summit will be discussing eight important categories that will give you the strategies and practices your business needs to take advantage of today’s most innovative digital technologies. Standard admission is free, but there will be an opportunity to purchase Premium and VIP access for exclusive access to top resources. The Digital Maturity Summit will also be recorded and placed On-Demand and can be watched at your convenience.

“Now more than ever it is critical for business leaders to find ways to stay ahead of the competition.” Says Mohr, PICS ITech Senior IT Management Consultant. “I am honored to be speaking alongside my Certified Digital Advisor peers at the Digital Maturity Summit 2020 to help shed some light on how to leverage technology to drive business growth and achieve operational excellence. The depth of the Digital Maturity Framework and the experience and knowledge of the advisor group make this an event you will not want to miss.”

After gaining over 20 years of IT strategy development knowledge and expertise, Mohr’s digital transformation efforts were profoundly recognized by The Digital Maturity Group, leading to his nomination as a speaker at their Digital Maturity Summit. The topics Mohr will cover consists of digital transformation and today’s leading applications to help propel small businesses. Mohr has also been hand-selected by the Digital Maturity Group to become a Certified Digital Advisor, equipping him with further knowledge and toolsets to help small businesses in the Philadelphia area begin their digital transformation.

“This year the pandemic forced everyone to alter how they do business - whether they were ready for it or not.”, Mohr expressed. “During the early stages, we realized it was critical that we continued to explore new ways of doing business that supports business growth and, most importantly, provides a way for families to safely earn a living. Veering my focus to digital transformation and becoming a Certified Digital Advisor has given me the resources I need to help these businesses and families (digitally) adjust to the new normal.”

At PICS ITech we are consistently adding to the value our clients and partners receive. We are proud to have a team amongst the best in the Digital Transformation industry and being able to utilize the knowledge and skills of our team to help small businesses achieve their goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can drive growth, recover from the crisis and make your business future proof, join Robert and the rest of the IT experts at the 2020 Digital Maturity Summit, reserve your spot now.

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