7 Qualities of Top Cybersecurity Firms

7 Qualities of Top Cybersecurity Firms

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Does the thought of cyber attacks and data leaks keep you up at night? You're not alone. In the first half of 2019 alone, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records. So it's no wonder that 68 percent of leaders feel their business's cybersecurity risks are rising.

The new rules of doing business don't just apply to the big players. SMEs like yours are just as likely to experience a security breach as the Fortune 500 set. In fact, SMEs are more attractive to cybercriminals because SMEs have high-value data but they are less likely to spend on cybersecurity.

Are you looking for cybersecurity firms in Philadelphia? Use this list to narrow down your list of contenders and choose the service that will protect your business.

1. A Cybersecurity Focus

You might think all cybersecurity firms put cybersecurity first, but the truth is that many companies still treat it as an add-on or optional package.

If you want truly comprehensive and up-to-date cybersecurity cover, it's important to choose a firm that prioritizes cybersecurity above its other services.

Make sure that your prospective firm offers more than a firewall. At a minimum, you want the following services:

  • Network and security expertise
  • 24/7 monitoring and management
  • Holistic business continuity services

If a cybersecurity firm can't provide this, then they won't offer you much in the way of real security.

2. Customizable and Scalable Services

The term 'cybersecurity' conjures up many different ideas and products. It means different things to different companies. There's nothing 'one-size-fits-all' about cybersecurity, and that's a good thing. Because every organization's cybersecurity program should cater specifically to its needs.

To get the most from your cybersecurity package, you need it to stretch to your unique needs. So, you need a cybersecurity firm that acknowledges that and can provide a custom package that covers the bases but doesn't include costly services that your small business doesn't need.

It's also important that your cybersecurity package can grow as you do. The last thing you need is to rely on a service provider who can't or has no experience in catering to organizations of your size or your complex needs.

3. Long-Term Relationship Focus

You don't want to shake up your cybersecurity approach once a year, so it's important to find a firm who can service your company not just now but five years down the road.

To find a firm that offers just that, you should look for a cybersecurity firm that offers:

  • Reliable and amicable customer service
  • Price and service transparency
  • Commitment to learning and best practices

Don't just fill out an online form and hand over your payment details because it's convenient right now. Look for a company that will work with you now and five years from now. Continuity of service is worth more than convenience.

4. Emphasis on Value Over Cost

How much will the package cost? It's one of the first questions clients ask of prospective service providers. Many IT service providers in Philadelphia are only too happy to put out cheap packages to cater to cost-focused clients. However, there's a big problem with that approach.

Great cybersecurity firms worry less about cost and focus more on providing clients value for their money.

Remember, 60 percent of SMEs declare bankruptcy within six months after experiencing a data breach. Finding a provider who puts value first will help you get more for every dollar spent.

5. Diverse Client Lists

Are you in retail? Construction? Healthcare? Your industry matters when you choose a cybersecurity provider.

It's important to find cybersecurity services in Philadelphia with a broad customer base. Not only does it ensure they have experience in working with customers who have similar needs, but they'll bring the knowledge they gathered working with other clients into your package.

Ask your prospective provider list for a list of the industries their service. And don't forget about requesting recommendations from past customers, too!

6. Adaptable to Remote Working

Although COVID-19 put a spotlight on the process, the need for adaptable cybersecurity has already existed for years.

Today, cybersecurity extends beyond desktop and laptop computers on a network and placed securely within a firewall. More and more people are now working from home or on the go. The freedom of movement offered by many businesses also presents new cybersecurity threats.

What's more, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon continues to gain traction. Right now, 67 percent of employees use their personal devices either at or for work. And that figure will only grow because BYOD adds value to businesses: people working on their own devices add two more hours of productivity to businesses.

7. Free From Conflicts of Interest

Not all cybersecurity firms make their money from providing stellar client services. Some supplement their incomes through commissions from third-party vendors.

While there's nothing wrong with working this way, it's become an outdated mode of operations. Today, more and more companies need custom cybersecurity services. Pushing a partner's product to earn a commission is not always in a client's best interest.

It's better to find a cybersecurity service that offers a wide range of products and can make recommendations without a conflict of interest.

Choose Among Your List of Cybersecurity Firms Carefully

There are a lot of cybersecurity firms out there, but they're not all made equal. Because comprehensive cybersecurity is now such an important part of your business, it's important to find cybersecurity services in Philadelphia who can meet your organization's needs both today and five years from now.

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