How Virtualization Benefits Your Business


Simply put, with virtualization you get more bang for the buck.  Here are some of the benefits your business will obtain by implementing virtualization.

More technology uptime

Virtualization vendors, we like VMWare,  use lots of fancy names for the features of their technology, but behind all the acronyms are a number of really revolutionary breakthroughs.

For example, Fault Tolerance is when you use virtualization to pool multiple servers in such a way that they can be used as a single larger computer, you can drastically increase uptime by pooling separate resources. If one of those servers goes down, the others continue working uninterrupted, just with a little more load.   A properly planned virtualization environment has spare capacity to allow for at least one of the hosts to go down.

Another example of this is “live migrations”, Vmware calls this VMotion. A live migration is just a fancy way of saying that computing processes can move, without interruption, from one virtualization host to another.  Computers can be worked on by technicians and users never even know that a system is down. 

Better disaster recovery

Data backups are much simpler in a virtualized environment. In a traditional system, you could create an “image” backup of your server -- complete with operating system, applications and system settings. But it could be restored to a computer only with the exact same hardware specifications.

With virtualization, images of your servers and workstations are “abstracted” from the hardware layer are much more portable and can be restored to a wider array of computer hardware setups. This is far more convenient and much faster to restore compared to more traditional backups.

Imagine you had to pick up and move your operation to another facility with all new hardware.  Without virtualization there is a good chance your backups would NOT restore.  With Virtualization it is almost a slam dunk.

More secure applications

To increase security, IT technicians usually advocate isolating system software and applications from each other. If malware can find a way into your system through a software security hole, you want to do everything in your power to keep it from spreading to everywhere else in your network.

Virtualization can put your applications into quarantined spaces that can use only minimum system resources and storage, reducing the opportunities they have to wreak havoc on other components of the system.   We call this “jailing” the process or application.

Longer technology lifespans

The same features that quarantine applications can also create customized virtual computers for old software. If your business needs a piece of software that won’t work on modern operating systems, virtualization allows you to build a virtual machine with everything the program needs to run but it will be run on new modern hardware.  No longer do you need to worry about that Window 2003 server that is on 10-year-old hardware.

In addition to allowing you to run old software, virtualization also can help you get more life out of your older desktops.   With virtualization, and specifically VDI or Virtual Desktops, the hardware an employee uses is little more than a window to the powerful virtual machine on the server.

Hardware requirements are much lower for employees and equipment can be used for several years.

Easier cloud migrations

There are several similarities between virtualization and cloud technology. Both help companies move the computing resource to more centralized locations by delivering computing power over a local network or the internet.

Once a machine is virtualized,  this is often as simple as converting a physical machine to a virtual one.  Referred to as P2V’ing short for Physical to Virtual, a vendor supplied tool is run on the physical machine converting it to virtual with little downtime.  

Migrating to the cloud from a virtualized environment is as simple as moving the files to the cloud.

There is no debate about the benefits of virtualization. If fact in this post we list 4 More Reasons Your Small Business Should Consider Virtualization.

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