Why a One-Man IT Staff is a Bad Idea

Why a One-Man IT Staff is a Bad Idea

Small businesses face a number of challenges and often operate within very thin profit margins. It takes time to build a clientele, develop a dependable staff, and find your niche in a world of giant conglomerates. For this reason, many small business owners rely on family connections to bridge skills gaps. The “I-know-someone” approach to network management is attractive because it’s cheap, but it can cost you in the long run.

Your computer operations play a crucial role in business success. Today’s companies rely on having immediate access to web-based communications, sales, and cyber data storage. For many small businesses, a problem with the network can spell disaster. Yet, the reverse is also true. Rather than approaching systems management as an insignificant area of your operation, by exploiting its possibilities you can grow your business faster.

Common Issues with a One-Man IT Staff

Businesses that use aspiring students, a single shingle a "friend of a friend" or even a one person hire to manage their computer work, rather than managed IT services, typically end up suffering from a number of complaints. With just one guy doing everything, even if you’ve got them working full time, you’re going to have problems. The most common issues include:

  • No vested interest. Your "freelancer" isn’t concerned with your success. They have their own agenda and usually approach this type of job as a way to earn additional income. Without any real connection to your company, when a problem occurs your IT guy could be anywhere.
  • Limited skills and resources. Choosing a student or someone else who isn't a professional is like hiring a fast-food cook as a chef. There will be problems your guy can't fix.
  • No way to check skills. Most small businesses provide products or services unrelated to IT. Without knowing what to ask, what to look for, or how to check on someone’s skills, there’s really no way to tell whether the person you hire actually has the abilities they claim.

Considering how important your network operations are, these type of issues present a serious risk to your company.

Choosing Managed IT Services

The measureable benefits of flat fee, managed IT services provide solutions for small businesses suffering from a one-man approach to network maintenance. With a team of experts at your disposal you gain the proactive support you need to increase your outreach, sales, and profits.

Technology is a great equalizer for businesses, but you must be able to utilize it properly to realize the gains, which include:

  • Increased productivity. Employees have the resources on-hand to conduct tasks, answer questions, and provide customer and vendor support via strong network performance.
  • Enhanced security. A qualified provider delivers state-of-the-art security and network configuration.
  • Reduced cost. Rather than incurring unknown hourly wages, you pay a flat fee for the proactive support of a team of specialists on-hand whenever you need them.

Small business owners who want to support company growth, limit their operational costs, and improve productivity shouldn't rely on an amateur. Managed IT services deliver higher productivity and profits.