WannaCry Ransomware – Check Your Backups

For PICS ITech Customers

We have a multi-pronged approach to protect your computer network against this type of attack and have worked all last week to ensure all computers were patches and protected.  In addition we have been in contact we our security vendors to make sure all anti-malware, and network protections are in place. 

In the simplest terms, although this ransomware is all over the media and is havoc across the globe, it is not really effecting US companies at this time.   We are protecting your machines, your network and in the case of our security bundle customers, we have been training and educating your users to be diligent in their email and downloads.

If you are an Office 365 customer of ours, we also have Microsoft continually scanning incoming email in an attempt to block the messages from even getting to your inbox.

For Everyone Else - Just Don't Click

I suggest you send the following to your employees, friends, and family members. You're welcome to copy, paste, and edit:

 "Hi, I’m you have seen the news over the last couple of weeks about the latest cybercrime called “WannaCry” . Criminal cyber-hackers have released a new strain of ransomware that spreads itself automatically across all computers in a network.  This is causing a global epidemic with over 200,000 infected computers in 150 countries.   Ransomware essentially locks up all your files and won't unlock them until you pay money to these criminals.   If you or a co-worker are not paying attention when using your email and you accidentally open one of these emails (called phishing email attachments), you might infect not only your own workstation but immediately everyone else's computer too.  If you are looking to protect your company now and in the future from your own users, see our User Awareness Training for low cost ongoing training and testing.


Patch it Up!

Microsoft has specific advice for Windows customers on how you can protect your computer. If you are running a current operating system, you should have received the patch for this exploit in March. However, there are many unpatched systems and foolish people still running XP that are prime for this exploit.   If you are still running XP and connected to the Internet you are bound to get hacked.


When in Doubt, throw it Out – Just Delete!

 Be very careful when you get an email with an attachment.  If you weren’t expecting it then chances are in could be malware.  . If there is a .zip file in the attachment, do not click on it but delete the whole email. Remember: "When in doubt, throw it out!"

What Should I Do If They Get Me?

If your reading this because you have already clicked on a message and you see the Wanna Cry Ransomware demand on your screen, you should immediately unplug your computer from the network and/or turn off the wireless connection as the infection could spread to other machines on the network.  

Check your Backups

If you have good backups, then you might not need to pay the ransom.  We have seen many cases where people call us and realize that their backups are no good.  They have been changing the tape daily, or getting a backup email but never failed to check the backups.  Check your backups!   Do a test restore.    We offer a free backup assessment,  take us up on it and make sure you are protected.

Talk to your Outsourced IT provider about your options.  Best bet is that you have a full backup of your computer before the infection.  Worst case is that you need to pay the ransom.

If we can help you please don't hesitate to reach out to us.