5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT, and How to Do It Effectively

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT, and How to Do It Effectively

In today’s IT-dependent business environment, making sure your enterprise network operates smoothly is vital for success. Every mission-critical task you perform relies on seamless communications and connections. Without it, your customers, vendors, and employees experience frustrations that can lead to costly turnover and debilitating profit loss. However, it’s often difficult for SMBs (small and midsize businesses) to attract or afford the qualified, experienced specialists required to maintain an agile, effective, and efficient network infrastructure.

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Enter outsourcing. Rather than struggling to keep pace, IT outsourcing delivers measurable improvements in performance, reliability, and costs. Benefits include:

  1. Cut CAPEX and OPEX—outsourcing IT eliminates capital and operating expenditures. As your business expands, your network infrastructure must expand with it. New hardware, experienced personnel, and development costs are not only expensive, they constantly fluctuate. Dealing with unexpected costs and intermittent availability reduces productivity, and hiring the specialists you need to meet demand increases labor costs (training, payroll taxes, insurance, etc.). An experienced MSP (managed service provider) offers IT cost solutions and technical experts who have high-level credentials. Since you’re contracting the service, you benefit from the stability of lowered, fixed costs and a high level of expertise for a variety of operating systems.
  2. Improve Compliance and Security—Depending on the structure of your business, there are a number of compliance standards and regulations to maintain. Ensuring data is stored confidentially and access is controlled through proper authentication requires dedicated attention. IT outsourcing establishes accurate MDM (mobile device management) and auditing services, DMZs (perimeter networks; “demilitarized zones”), and network protections that keep your business from incurring costly fines.
  3. Remain Focused on Core Activity—Time is limited; administrators shouldn’t have to divide their attention between core activities and network operability. A MSP relieves that strain by allowing your personnel to focus, uninterrupted, on mission-critical tasks for greater productivity.
  4. Fast, Controlled Upgrades—Technology is constantly changing. Even if you employ an in-house IT department, the insular nature of the job makes it difficult for employees to stay on top of the latest security and performance options. Outsourcing IT allows you to tap into resources unavailable at the SMB level and benefit from a highly trained team of experts who stay abreast of industry changes.
  5. Enterprise-Level Performance (eliminate downtime)—Regardless of the size of your current operation, IT outsourcing delivers enterprise-level performance and reliability, with economy of scale. You can level the playing field by offering the same performance and capacity of a large business infrastructure without the detached, impersonal feel, providing your business with a competitive advantage.

Realizing the benefits of IT outsourcing (lowered costs, improved efficiency and productivity, and enhanced customer experiences) requires partnering with a service provider that can deliver qualified expertise within a flexible service-level agreement (SLA), designed for your specific needs.

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