The New Managed Service Provider – MSP v2.0

The New Managed Service Provider – MSP v2.0




MSPs, or Managed Service Providers, have long been a way to help businesses to shore up weak spots, especially in IT infrastructure. They also provide expertise such as vendor and proposal management or other specific services that companies need, but outsource in order to drop and stabilize their costs.

It's time for MSP v2.0. It's not just about the infrastructure of the business anymore, but the strategic directions that are available to maximize revenues and minimize risk. It's time that the "S" in MSP stands for something that's always been available, but seldom part of the agreement. Strategy.

MSPs are often brought in with the clear mandate to simply keep a legacy network limping along for another year, to keep the current infrastructure from collapsing. However, it's a dramatic loss to any business to have best-in-class experts available on a daily basis and not take advantage of their ability to help you improve your business.

Companies providing managed services tend to specialize in a limited set of business types in a given space, whether construction, professional services, small manufacturers or other similar areas. The key piece of that is, they've been in businesses like yours over and over again.

That person standing in front of you shaking your hand after signing your agreement has seen exactly what can happen with strategic planning. The strategy requires moving away from the reactive replacement of outdated hardware and software to proactively enhancing your systems to improve your revenues through new markets you never considered before.

Today's strategic MSP knows how today's expanded IT elements have been leveraged inside and outside of businesses as strategic differentiators. They know what's failed, and what's succeeded. They are MSP v2.0! It's not just about the infrastructure anymore.

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