Drones for Business

Drones for Business

Drones in Business

This week in technology we have some news that could be big for businesses of all types.

An independent panel of experts proposed new commercial drone rules to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this week. If the FAA approves the rules, it means that businesses will have official guidelines for how to safely start using drones for commercial purposes.  The rules are largely designed to make drone flying safe, and include a requirement that drones must fly at least 20 feet over people and keep a buffer space of ten or more feet around them at all times.
Although it seems like rules are restrictive, official guidelines from the FAA will actually open the door for businesses that want to start using drones. Currently, regulations on drones are state-by-state and confusing. Having consolidated, federal rules will make using drones easier.

So how exactly will businesses be using these little flying machines? Let's count the ways:

• Deliveries. Amazon has been promising drone-delivered orders for some time. They want to bring us packages in 30 minutes or less, using drones.

• Photography. Aerial photography, for instance as a real estate tool, could really take off soon.

• Inspections. Imagine being able to inspect power lines, mines, wild fires, or farm fields without putting feet on the ground.

• Police work. Drones could help find suspects and search for missing people, covering more ground than officers can on foot or by car.

• Construction. Some builders are already using drones for surveying, to inspect sites, to increase security, and to manage workers.

• Real Estate.  Developers  and Real Estate Agents are already using drones for marketing and progress reporting on new construction.

The proposed rules for drones in the commercial sector are now open for public comment. With input from the expert advisory panel and the public, the FAA could soon be rolling out the official rules that will guide how we start making use of drones in almost all areas of business.
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