What Cloud Computing Can Do For Your Business

What Cloud Computing Can Do For Your Business

Cloud Computing - What Can it Do For Your Business?

Originally believed to have been created in the 1960s by Joseph Licklider with his work on the ARPANET and the original Internet, cloud computing has evolved into something much bigger in the 21st century. It's a term that is thrown around frequently these days. But what is the cloud exactly?  The cloud is simply the internet and it allows you to store, manage, and process data remotely through Internet servers rather than on your own personal computer or local server.  Cloud computing is essentially revolutionizing business models while leveling the playing field between small and large companies.  So what can cloud computing do for your business?

Backup Data Securely

Backing up data is a must in case of a systems failure or other disaster.  With cloud technology, copies of your data are kept off-site in safe locations.  The cloud also enables automated data backup while you work taking one more task off your to-do list. Furthermore, large commercial data centers offering quality certifications offer top-notch protection from security threats that many small businesses can't provide on their own.

Offer Mobility

Telecommuting is an option that many companies like to offer as a perk or a necessary for getting qualified talent in their business.   With cloud computing, an employee can have access to a virtual mobile office allowing for a flexible and adaptable business. Regardless of where an employee is on the road, collaboration and easy access to data helps keep productivity on track.    PICS ITech has recently started offering Workspace as a Service or WAAS which provides our customers with everything they need to outfit a remote employee.

Lower Costs

Cloud services can help your business save money by reducing the total cost of your infrastructure.  Spending less on equipment (such as servers), software licensing and upgrading, as well as utility costs associated with running equipment helps improve profits.   Cloud computing often goes hand in hand with virtualization which minimizes servers sitting idle which is common in single use systems.


Cloud computing is able to grow on demand.  Business has cycles and it's imperative that IT requirements and needs are able to scale up or down depending on what is driving business at that time.  Not having to make expensive changes to your IT environment allows your business to react quickly and efficiently.    Using cloud computing you can add more or less resources with a flip of a switch.

PICS ITech offers many different solutions that at their core are cloud computing.  These include backup and disaster recovery services, Cloud File Sync and Storage, Office 365 and traditional Software as a Service and Website Hosting.  If you would like to know more about what cloud computing can do for your company, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss our services and solutions with you!