Benefits of Outsourcing IT to a Managed Service Provider

Benefits of Outsourcing IT to a Managed Service Provider

Two Main Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

Companies have many responsibilities for managing a successful business. While companies need to focus on their core competencies and strengths, it's equally important to have help in areas where there are deficiencies. For many companies, this is the IT department. In small businesses this is often a role that is absorbed by someone else in the organization and done on a reactive basis  and only when absolutely necessary. More and more, companies now realize the importance of IT services and outsourcing them to a qualified managed service provider to ensure they get the expertise and protection they need to keep their businesses safe in an era of hacking and cyber-attacks.

IT Expertise

Companies that outsource their IT services instead of hiring employees get expertise at a lower price point. Paying salaries and benefits for IT staff is a huge expense for most companies. With outsourcing you get a team of IT professionals for a monthly rate that is less than the cost of employing one in-house IT person.

Unless a company is in the IT industry, there is also the cost of ongoing training for the IT employees to keep their skills current as the industry continues to evolve. However, by outsourcing the IT department, you get experts with the qualifications, experience and certifications to handle all aspects of your computer network infrastructure.  By using a managed service provider or MSP you have access to a wide range of skills so any problems you encounter with be solved by a knowledgeable IT support person in a timely manner. Experts have a higher productivity level and more exposure to technology because dealing with computer networks issues is what they do every day for a variety of companies in a variety of industries.

Technological Advances

By working with managed service providers for your IT support, you will get a more efficient computer network. The experts you hire will suggest changes or improvements in your technology environment to take advantages of the latest technologies that will help your company to run more efficiently, cost effectively and even to generate more revenues.   An in-house IT staff usually won't know about the newest advances or have enough experience with them to truly be of use to your bottom line.

Another reason to outsource your IT support is that the critical mundane stuff that your in-house team might not get around to will get done. These upgrades can help reduce security breaches, malware attacks, and other disasters that can make your entire company vulnerable. This also free up and in-house staff for more business related value added activities.

How Does Your Company Compare?

Using a Managed Service Provider like PICS ITech is often a cost-effective move and more importantly, outsourcing is a smart business strategy because it gives you access to expertise and technological advances that will make your company more productive and profitable. If you would like to know how you stack up against others take this quick 7 question IT grader and we’ll send you a handful of quick wins you can make in your organization to move your IT efforts in the right direction.   Contact us today and see how we can make IT strategic for your company.