Tools to Recruit Top Talent to your Company

Tools to Recruit Top Talent to your Company

Every business bears the same burden: recruiting top talent and we are using some tools that might help you with the process.   Finding the right employees with the right skills and cultural fit is a time-consuming and costly task.   In our Industry, IT Services, the unemployment rate is statistically zero so we find that we are recruiting all the time constantly looking for the next A player to join our team.

Job Placement

Gone are the days of calling up your local newspaper and running a classified advertisement in the next Sunday paper. Today almost all the job searching is done online and some job posting sites are better than others.     Here are some of the use a tools we use:

  1. ZipRecruiteris an online job distribution and job board service, think of it as a cannon for your job posting. You can upload your posting to ZipRecruiter and it will distribute it to over 100 job boards as well as give you a place to store all your resumes from interested applicants.   What I don’t like about ZipRecruiter is that it only offers an annual membership for employers so it can be expensive if you only do an occasional hire.
  2. LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a 400 million strong network of professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience. You know this if you are reading my post on LinkedIn.   A recruiter can choose to search the entire LinkedIn network or use their own company's employees as referrals for finding qualified candidates. Job posts are automatically targeted to candidates with the right skills and experience. Personalized ads, with a high click-through rate, can also be created that drive potential candidates to career pages showcasing a company.   We find one of the best ways to use LinkedIn is free,   Have your employees reach out to their contacts to spread the word about new openings in your company.
  3. Craigslist – It’s not just for personals anymore.   We get a lot of qualified candidates from Craigslist and job posting on their sites are very inexpensive, in some places of the country even free.

Some other good job boards worth mentioning are Indeed and Glassdoor. For us Indeed has produced many qualified candidates. We haven’t had much if any luck with some of the big behemoths like Monster and Career Builder although your mileage may vary.

Resume and Applicant Management

  1. RecruiterBox - RecruiterBox is a one-stop shop for collecting and parsing resumes, tracking applicants through all recruitment stages, and centralizing communication for all team members involved.  Additionally, it creates a user-friendly careers web page with customizable application forms, generates reports, and schedules interviews as needed.    We use this for all resume management and tracking of candidates though the interview process. We have a multi-user account so several team members at PICS ITech can share the load of moving a candidate through the process.
  1. sparkHire - This cloud-based video interviewing platform takes recruiting to a whole different level.  Launched in early 2012, sparkHire enables recruiters to video and record candidates wherever they are, either through scripted questions candidates answer on their own time or live interviews with one or more team members. Interviews can be shared, commented on, and rated by the hiring team. We use sparkHire for one-way interviews, we ask candidates to answer 5-7 basic interview questions.   Since we are a technical company we expect our candidates to be able to handle this although the process is really simple.         We get a lot of basic information from this step in our interview process. Does the candidate “dress up” for the interview? Do they answer in complete sentences? Do they have coherent answers?   All this before we waste any time speaking to a candidate. If they don’t complete this process they have little chance of moving on in our hiring process.
  2. Wonderlic - Founded over 75 years ago, Wonderlic creates assessments for employment and educational settings.  Most famous for their work in the NFL.   After a candidate is entered online, they can take either a proctored (in our office) or an un-proctored exam from their home. The in-depth assessments  such as cognitive knowledge and motivation help companies narrow down candidates more quickly and effectively.       We use this as we start to get serious about a candidate and as only one of the criteria before hiring. It is one of the only ways we have to evualuate all candidates in an unbiased way.

The Finish Line

We are big believers in the Top Grading methodology of hiring and take a lot of time to really try to match the right candidates with the right positions in our company.   Making a bad hire has been proven over and over again as a really costly mistake for businesses.   Grab a copy of Who by Geoff Smart from Amazon and get up to speed on TopGrading.

Originally published on the PICS ITech blog.   If you are considering outsourcing your IT needs, please contact us.  We are a leader in technology consulting, systems integration, and IT management services and would be more than happy to discuss your business needs and how we can help take your business to the next level.