5 Online Marketing Tactics To Start Doing NOW!

5 Online Marketing Tactics To Start Doing NOW!

Online Marketing

When it comes to creating online marketing for your business, there are plenty of tools to choose from but these 5 online marketing things you really should be using. . As you attempt to discern the marketing tools you should be using, start by determining your marketing goals. Decide how you're going to measure those goals and then attack them one at a time.    Here are the five tools we think every business should be using:

Google AdWords and Bing

Adwords and Bing Ads are commonly referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC.   They are so completely different than any other advertising you have ever done.   You can place a unique completely targeted ad shown to only someone that is looking for exactly what you are selling.   This is revolutionary.   Advertising on search engines can be expensive so make sure you work with someone you trust to help get you setup.   There are many SEO/PPC firms out there that are nothing more than agents for low-cost offshore labor and the charge big money for less than stellar service.    If you're looking for a great book on Ultimate Guide To Local Business Marketing please check out this new book by Perry Marshall and Talor Zamir.

Identifying Anonymous Visitors on your website

It is one thing to look at your monthly website reports its quite another to know in real-time that someone is browsing your site and what content they are browsing.   This is most helpful for B2B businesses because our tools exclude internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon, but if your B2B we can tell you what company is on the website, whether they are a new or returning customer and give you links to company data.   If you have a sharp inside sales person, they are often cold-calling into the prospect while they are still on the site.   All this for pennies a day.

Recording Inbound Calls

This critical facet of marketing allows you to monitor employees to ensure that they are properly representing your company on inbound phone leads. Every time a customer makes contact with your company, they're forming an opinion of you. Make sure every employee is making the experience a positive one for the customers who reach out to them!   This is especially important if you are spending money on a PPC campaign.    PICS ITech has several different ways to accomplish this, contact us to get more information on how we can help.

Blogs and social media:

This is the perfect way to reach out to your customers and stay ahead of their needs. Your online presence allows you to connect with your customers, effortlessly enhancing your value.   Like all marketing this takes work to see results but anytime you are reaching many prospects or customers with one marketing effort you are ahead of the game. There are many tools to help make parts of this easier including content writers, managed websites, social media posting and publishing tools and more.   If you are interested in a complete turn-key solution that includes all of those facets, check our Websites That Work offering.

Build fans, not customers 

A line made famous by one of our customers that revolutionized an industry.   Customers use your business and feel no emotional attachment to your company. Fans, on the other hand, are emotionally involved with your business.   They feel they are a part of it and work to help you succeed.   Fans give feedback, present referrals and shout to the mountain tops about the product or service you provide. They're excited about your latest promotions, interested in everything that you're offering, and they'll come check out your newest merchandise or services just because you're offering them.

If you're ready to start enhancing your marketing strategies with some online marketing that will help take your business to the next level, contact us. We'll help you find the tools you need, learn how to use them, and better develop your online presence to enhance your customers' overall satisfaction with you.  The better your marketing strategy, the greater the odds you'll pull in the "Fans" you want the most--and we're here to help you reach them.