Remembering 9/11

On the anniversary of 9/11 I am reminded of the important role technology infrastructure plays in protecting our country. Our next big attack on the U.S. could very well come from our computers and not an airplane or bomb. It could affect millions not thousands of U.S. citizens.

Malicious actors are all around us, recent data breaches at CitiGroup, Home Depot, Target, Ashley Madison and others have caused grief and financial ruin and in some cases suicide.

I decided I needed to get involved and try to do something to help protect our country. We regularly deal with financial and manufacturing organizations and have been providing Internet and Hosting services for 20 years, as a result we are often involved in attacks and investigations. About 6 months ago I applied to be a member of Infragard and yesterday I was accepted as one of the 50,000 members helping to protect the U.S.

Infragard is a non-profit organization run by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI created Infragard in 1996 to assist the private sector with cyber defense. It is an association of persons who represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the U.S.

PICS ITech excels in this area of technology consulting. We’re constantly expanding our knowledge base with information from an array of sources, including Infragard. We work with our clients evaluating needs and helping each company find the strategic and tactical approaches that enable them succeed while protecting the data and reputation of the organization.

What is the right investment in this area? How much insurance is too much insurance? What parts of your systems might require special attention, and what governance protocols need to be put in place to administer this? We’ve become very good at helping our clients answer these questions. Here is the Top 5 low-cost or no-cost improvements you can make in your company to improve security. If you need help implementing them or you would like to make IT a competitive advantage for your company call us today to find out how we can help you.