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Window Tabs

Multi-Tasking is something we're all doing more and more of and having the right tool to do this affectively is more important than ever. In this weeks ITech Insights we're sharing one of our favorite ways to get more done, more efficiently.

3 keys to successful data visualization

Decision making can be among the toughest tasks to do when running a business. Make the wrong ones and you could see profits dip or customers disappear. In order to make better decisions, many companies are implementing Business Intelligence (BI). Because BI can utilize a lot of data, a common way to present is is by visualizing it.

How to save a Word file as a PDF

One of the more popular file formats used by businesses is the PDF (Portable Document Format). Download documents, brochures or other content online and chances are high they will be saved to your computer as PDFs. This file type is so popular largely because it saves the document’s format and layout, making it accessible and readable on nearly any system.

Different types of Internet connections

Most people use the Internet at least once a day, while many of us are constantly connected. As the availability of Internet increases, we will see a continued increase in the time we spend online. As a business owner, you may eventually have to upgrade your Internet connection, or pick a new type.

Communication during disaster

A disaster can happen at any time, and be of varying severity. Many business owners and managers understand this and have already responded to this potential reality by taking steps to develop plans on what to do during a disaster. While these plans will likely help keep a business operational, their weakest point is communication.